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pack up your keyboards

Monday, May 16th, 2005

I have found the finest site in all the internets. It’s over people. All downhill from here.

thar she blows – no wait, thar!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Spring is teasing me. She shows up and then hides, so I never know if I’ll have sun on my face or wet in my shoes. At lunch, it was colder than I expected, on the one day I’ve been outdoors at midday in lo these many weeks. Life is teasing me, too. Promises that won’t quite materialize. California dreams.

I guess that’s why they wrote that song.

So, no, I haven’t been writing. It would just be ghost stories, tales of taunting intangibles.

If only I could Nancy Drew this stuff. I want to be the intrepid girl in the snazzy car who solves the mysteries with levelheaded cleverness, proving that it’s all just smoke and mirrors, and really it’s high time we headed home for dinner.

Instead I’m just a winter-weathered leaf, tossed along the side of the road by twitchy breezes and the exhaust of all those purposeful drivers. Will Spring ever kiss me green? Can ancient, elemental, Dionysus-style mysteries trump the fickle, tricky winds? Which way to Eleusis?