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menaces large and small

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

I was just deleting a mess of spam comments to old posts, and the cat deleted my last entry. (You’d be amazed how many quite specific key combinations he can achieve while sprinting across the keyboard.) So to those of you who missed “This is the answer,” well, rest assured it wasn’t much of a loss.

The cat’s a little freaked out today – he’s running around the apartment, howling. I don’t know why; he just gets that way sometimes. I’m considering instituting a color-coded alert system that monitors his wacky moods.

When I started writing this I was going to do a whole thing about the election, and terror threats, and how dire everything feels – particularly the state of the media, which has become incapable of doing anything resembling journalism; it’s just a massive spin-relay system – but I just don’t feel like I can stand to get that worked up right now.

The cat has calmed down, abruptly, and I think maybe I’ll curl up and take a nap with him until my laundry is done.

Maybe, these days, that’s all I can do.

[For the sake of completeness and in a stab at coherence, this entry was imported from my previous, dormant blog.]